Welcome to GMV

Promoted by the family scions of VGN Group, powered by wisdom of professionals with vast experience of over 35 years in management and technology and professional expertise of dynamic young professionals from the financial services industry, our organization aims to become a preferred service provider catering to the thousands of loyal customers of the VGN Group of companies. GMV Consultancy services portfolio encompasses a wide range of comprehensive Management, Technology & Financial Services for both Corporate Organizations and Individuals.

Financial Services

Financial services division offers a solution specific to customer needs catering from equity, mutual funds to insurance and home and personal loans.

Corporate Services

It provides cash consulting Tax counselling, Payroll processing.

Information Technology services

It Empowers organisation with end to end solutions & services ranging from initial consulting and analysisto turnkey implementation of software for we have everything under one proof to make it simpler.

The GMV Advantage

Wide range of Life & General insurance products , Comprehensive coverage & recommendations based on specific needs , Tie-ups with multiple Life & General insurance companies

What We Do

The entire device ownership experience of any customer is centered around the brand of the product or the retailer from whom you bought the product. The brands make fantastic gadgets and the retailers are great at selling those gadgets, but the fact is, if something goes wrong with your precious gadget, it’s a pain getting help from either the brand or the retailer.

What you need is a hassle-free & delightful customer service, and that what we do. We Ensure … We Insure … For Sure

Our customer service combined with our thoughtful protection plans will ensure the best protection for the precious device you buy. We offer an Extended Warranty product that protects your devices even after the expiry of your manufacturer’s warranty. Our Damage Protection plans for laptops cover what the manufacturers don’t - physical or liquid damage, and run concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty. There are much more such products services to help our customers – to enrich your satisfaction and ensure – your Peace of Mind.



Mutual Funds



Jewellery and Chitfund softwares

Tax & Management Counselling