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About GMV Consultancy

GMV Promoted by the family scions of VGN Group, powered by wisdom of professionals with vast experience of over 35 years in management and technology and professional expertise of dynamic young professionals from the financial services industry, our organization aims to become a preferred service provider catering to the thousands of loyal customers of the VGN Group of companies. GMV Consultancy services portfolio encompasses a wide range of comprehensive Management, Technology & Financial Services for both Corporate Organizations and Individuals.

GMV - Financial Services

GMV- Financial Services, the Financial Services Division of GMV Consultancy, offers solutions specific to customer needs, catering from Equity, Mutual Funds to Insurance and Home & Personal Loans Most finance related services are available under our umbrella except banking services. We promise high quality of services as well as the number of services made available. We offer wide range of investment solutions customized to suit your time horizon & risk appetite and that ensures returns in any market condition.

GMV - Management & Technology Services

GMV – Management & Technology Services For organizations, Business models change constantly and the gap between technology and business is growing and enterprises find it challenging to bridge it. This implies explosion of data and need for evolving technologies needing huge resources. A practical solution to this is to outsource your IT needs to a reliable outsourcing company, while focusing on core competencies of the enterprise. GMV Consultancy empower organizations end to end solutions& services ranging from initial consulting and analysis to turnkey implementation of projects, in addition to post-production support. Whether it's Management Consulting, website or graphic designing, mobile or software application development, search engine optimization or internet marketing, we have everything under one roof to make it simpler for our clients. Services Unlimited!

GMV Team

We are the leader of our GMV Service Consortium supported by consortium partners for technology, domain expertise and R&D. We have built our teams with professionals with both horizontal and vertical sets of domain expertise as we realize that different industries have different requirements. We Have strong alliance with our consulting and technology partners in the consortium and have cutting-edge tools, knowhow and qualified resources at our disposal.

Mr. Aakash Gupta

Vice President

Mr. Sachindra Verma

Vice President

Mr. Nileaysh Chanderay

Vice President

Mr. Gaurav Vispute

Vice President

Mr. Sreedhar Iyer

Vice President

Mr. Avinash Khandelwal

Vice President

Mr. Manish Duseja

Vice President

Mr. Govind & Miss.Meera